Rossetti’s Obsession

The concept of the current travelling exhibition (now at the William Morris Gallery until 4 January 2015) is perfectly in line with my own exhibition ‘A Memory Palace of Her Own’. Opposite to the room I occupied a few months earlier yet another room is filled with ‘images of Jane as herself’. Photographs, drawings and paintings are juxtaposed with Jane’s embroidery and handwriting. The exhibition offers insight in the relation between Jane as herself and Jane as a muse.

The exhibition illustrates that Jane Morris was multitalented, more than just a pretty face. During the opening speech Jan Marsh surprised the William Morris Gallery by donating, on behalf of Frank Sharp, the book ‘In Vinculis’ with a cover Jane Morris designed for her lover Wilfred Scawen Blunt.
Another recently aquired item is the embroidery ‘Honeysuckle’, designed by William Morris and embroideried by Jane and Jenny Morris.

‘Honeysuckle’ by Jane Morris
Photo by India-Roper Evans

After the private view of the exhibition Kirsty Walker accompanied me to visit Kelmscott Manor. They currently exhibit the Centenary Exhibition; photographs that were exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery earlier this year. At Jane Morris’ grave I paid my homage to her. Find Kirsty’s review of our trip on her wonderful blog the Kissed Mouth.

Jane Morris’ grave
photo by Kirsty Walker