A new pattern, Red House, William Morris, Jane Morris, Philip Webb, Margje Bijl, Hein van Liempd I cannot love you, William Morris Gallery, Jane Morris, Walthamstow, Margje Bijl, Hein van Liempd On his doorstep, Rossetti's house, studio, atelier, workshop, Tudor House, Cheyne Walk 16, hein van Liempd, Margje Bijl  26 January 1914, Jane Morris died on 26 January 1914, Jane Morris, Margje Bijl, Wieteke Opmeer, photograph Swept off her feet, Hein van Liempd, Margje Bijl, monument Leaning on an elbow, Hein van Liempd, Margje Bijl, monument Without May, Susan J. Even, pinhole, Margje BijlSunlit studio, Sipco Feenstra, John Robert Parsons, Jane Morris, Margje Bijl, Cheyne Walk, Rossetti's studio, photographs, collage, wet-collodion, albumen print, 35 mm neg, celluloid From time to time she stole a glance, Sipco Feenstra, John Robert Parsons, Margje Bijl, the Album of Mrs. Morris, posed by Rossetti, Jane Morris, wet-collodion photograph, albumen print Musing in the meadow, Margje Bijl, Sipco Feenstra, photograph, drawing, ink, Jane Morris