From 2009 till 2011 I was focussing on Jane Morris’ hairstyle and Pre-Raphaelite pose.

Hair as in, Jane Morris, Rossetti, drawing, Margje Bijl, aquarel pencil

Margje Bijl, Jane Morris, aquarel pencil, drawing

Drawing close II, ink, bister, drawing, Margje Bijl, Sipco Feenstra, photograph

Seated in the front row, sepia, ink, drawing, Jane Morris, Rossetti, Margje Bijl, John Robert Parsons

Margje Bijl, ink drawing, washed ink

Transposed onto the blank canvas, John Robert Parsons, Sipco Feenstra, Margje Bijl, Jane Morris, photograph, drawing, collage, ink

Shrinking Violet grew a spine, John Robert Parsons, Sipco Feenstra, Jane Morris, Margje Bijl, photograph, drawing, collage, ink

Since 2012 I am playing with the idea of Jane Morris as an artist, expressing the woman behind the myth with my self-portraits.

Jane Morris, John Robert Parsons, ink drawing, wet collodion photographs, Margje Bijl

Keep a blind eye, 2013, Margje Bijl, ink, drawing

Flickering light, 2013, charcoal, drawing, Margje Bijl

ink, drawing, Margje Bijl

Margje Bijl, ink drawing, washed ink drawing

Since 2015 I am studying at the Writers’ Academy, editing my dreamstories inspired by Jane Morris and illustrating them with my drawings.