Paper, hair and waves

Beyond the surface of appearance emerges an aspect of my authentic self-portraiture strongly influenced by childhood memories of growing up on a boat. My series of pencil drawings inspired by Jane Morris’s hairstyles started years ago by drawing after her photographs. What I perceived as the biggest difference between Jane Morris and myself, her hair, became a subject on its own. The last few years I let go of the concept of the other and the waves of Jane Morris’s hair transformed into the waves of my youth.

Fiber as in June and July 2019, Fiber as in June 2019
& Fiber as in February and March 2019
Group show ‘Verse Aanwas’ at Pulchri
(sculptures by Martie van der Loo)

Recently I started making my own paper intented for albumen prints. The first batch needed to be wafer-thin yet waterproof. The papers dismissed for this purpose were very welcomed for my drawings and I put a hold on creating more batches. In the meanwhile I am installing a darkroom in my studio and learning the technique.

Fiber as in February 2021, II and III
Group show ‘Voorjaarssalon 2021’ at Pulchri
(detail of wet collodion photo by Hans Silvius)