My work was exhibited at the William Morris Gallery, shown at the Pre-Raphaelite Sisters Conference and nominated for the van Ommeren de Voogt prize. Instead of showing a portfolio with only a handful of artworks I decided to create different posts about these highlights of my Jane Morris related art- and research project.

Behind the scenes I am working towards the solo exhibition ‘Jane Morris Museum’ at Beverley Art Gallery in Autumn 2022. My first presentation of this Museum was at a group show of Art Society Pulchri where I filled a case display with 2 altered versions of the same antique book.

‘Rossetti, Dante and Ourselves’, 2019

‘Rossetti, Dante and Ourselves’, 2019
altered antique book, Toyobo print of collages
‘Artist and Muse’ and ‘Sunlit Studio’

‘Sunlit Studio’, 2012/2019
collage of photographs by Sipco Feenstra
and John Robert Parsons

‘Artist and Muse’, 2019
collage of photographs by Charles Dodgson
and John Robert Parsons