Dutch artist Margje Bijl (1975) was given a photograph of Jane Morris, and at first glance thought she was seeing herself. Since 2009 she is working on her project ‘Reflections on Jane Morris’.

Portrait of Jane Morris by John Robert Parsons, 1865
commissioned and posed by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
wet plate collodion photograph, Birmingham Museum

Coming up
With her background filled with a wide range of studies (Art, Photography, Writing and Psychology), it became clear that creating an artist book would provide the perfect framework for Margje’s multidisciplinary approach of Pre-Raphaelite Muse Jane Morris.

For her solo exhibition ‘Jane Morris Museum’ at Beverley Art Gallery in Spring 2024 Margje is writing an (auto)biography. She sees the display cases and exhibition walls as blank pages to be filled with books, photographs, drawings, writings etc.

Sunlit studio, 2013/2019
Original photographs by John Robert Parsons (1865) and Sipco Feenstra (1999)

The first presentation of this ‘Jane Morris Museum’ was in 2019 at a group show of Art Society Pulchri where Margje filled a case display with 2 altered versions of an antique book. In the books she printed photographic collages of Jane Morris.

Arist and Muse, 2019
Original photographs by Lewis Caroll (1862) and John Robert Parsons (1865)